Pay One Price and Inclusive Access

About Pay One Price and Inclusive Access

Pay One Price and Inclusive Access are programs through the bookstore designed to save students money on the cost of course materials. For detailed information please visit the following links:

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Inclusive Access (opens in new tab)

Request Your Course Materials

All course materials, whether physical books, ebooks or digital courseware, are requested via the bookstore. Information on deadlines for requests, how to submit adoptions and the form to make a request are all available on the bookstore's Adopt Your Course Materials page (opens in new tab).

Pay One Price and Inclusive Access Content Module

Provisioning the technology for your electronic materials is an automatic process. The D2L system receives data from the bookstore for your course about what technology or publisher needs to be available in your course.


The Instructional Technology Team is not involved in manually enabling technology or building links in D2L courses.

In every course that is participating in Pay One Price or Inclusive Access, the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module is copied into your course automatically:


Do not delete this module. It is a requirement of Pay One Price that students have the ability to opt out of the program. The link Textbooks and Opt Out must be available in your course so students can opt out if they wish.

For most etexts and some courseware, the link in the Pay One Price Inclusive Access module is all that is needed. However, some vendors require links built in Content to their resources. These links must be built by Instructors and questions on how to create these links should be addressed to a publisher rep.


Why don't I have the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module in my course?

Once you request your materials from the bookstore, it can take some time to process the request depending on volume of requests as well as the publisher and the technology used to deliver their books/resources electronically. Contact the bookstore for the status of your request at 520-621-8868,

Why is it, when I select the "Textbooks and Opt Out" link in the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access module, it says "You currently have no materials associated with this course."?

There are lots of moving parts with these integrations. Usually this means VitalSource has not completed its work to make the book available. Check back later. If the book remains unavailable, contact the bookstore 520-621-8868,

Why do I have the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module, but I don't have the necessary options in either Existing Activities or External Learning Tools to create the links I need?

It is likely that the integration that the bookstore created was only for an etext and not for courseware. Contact the bookstore to verify that the integration is for both etext and courseware 520-621-8868,

Why do I have two Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content modules in my course?

Usually this happens when the content module existed in a previous version of the course and a second one was added for current course adoptions. You can safely remove one of the two modules. It does not matter which one.

Can I rename the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module?

Yes. However, if you copy forward the course to future terms, the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module will be added to your new course. You will need to delete it.

What is VitalSource/Verbasoft?

VitalSource and Verbasoft used to be two different companies that publishers worked with to make their texts and coursware available electronically for student and instructor use inside Learning Management Systems (LMS), like D2L Brightspace in UArizona's case.

They were two different companies using two different technologies to achieve this. VitalSource bought Verbasoft, including its technology. As a result, etext and courseware integrations in D2L Brightspace can be quite complex. Sometimes everything needed in a course can be accessed just through the link in the Pay One Price and Inclusive Access content module. Other times, the etext is accessed via that link, but the courseware is accessed via a different link built in Content.

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