Access Zoom

There are four ways to access Zoom at the University of Arizona. Those are:

  • UArizona Zoom Web Portal
  • D2L Zoom LTI
  • Zoom Client (App)
  • Zoom for Health

Access UArizona Zoom Web Portal

The UArizona Zoom web portal is your central hub to all things related to your university Zoom account. The web portal is where you will access information on your profile, meetings/webinars, phone, recordings, and account settings.

Follow the instructions below to sign in to the UArizona Zoom web portal with your university Zoom account.

Step 1

In a web browser, go to the UArizona Zoom Web Portal (opens in new tab).

Step 2

Select the Sign In button.   

UArizona Zoom web portal landing page

Step 3

Enter your UArizona NetID and password in the provided fields. Select the Login button.

UArizona WebAuth Sign-In interface

Step 4

You will be signed in to the UArizona Zoom web portal. If it is your first time signing in it will take you directly to your profile page.

Access Zoom via D2L

Accessing Zoom via D2L will allow you to create Zoom meetings that are strictly related to your D2L course and available only to those enrolled in your classlist. The meetings are created within the D2L course but will also be accessible from your UArizona Zoom web portal. 

Step 1

Make sure you first have a university Zoom account established. Follow the steps in the Access UArizona Zoom Web Portal section above to establish your university Zoom account. 

Step 2

In a web browser, navigate to UArizona D2L (opens in new tab).

Step 3

Select the UA NetID Login button.

UArizona D2L login page

Step 4

Enter your UArizona NetID and password in the provided fields. Select the Login button. 

Step 5

Select your D2L course in the list of My Courses

Step 6

In the course navbar select the UA Tools menu link and select Zoom.

D2L UA Tools navbar menu

Step 7

If it is the first time you have accessed a D2L course after establishing your university Zoom account it will ask if you would like for the Zoom Calendar app to operate using your account. 

Select the Accept button.


This message only appears once when you first access Zoom through a D2L course. If you happen to select the Cancel button on this message, it will mean that your Zoom meetings that you schedule within your course will not get auto-populated to the course calendar. The course calendar is where the majority of students will find and access your course meeting links. This choice cannot be undone so be sure you select the Accept button.

D2L Zoom calendar permission interface

Step 8

You will be signed in and taken to the Zoom D2L integration home screen where you can see upcoming meetings, previous meetings, personal meeting room, cloud recordings, and a button to schedule your new meetings. 

Zoom interface within D2L

Access Zoom Client (App)

The Zoom Client is the application that you can download on your desktop or mobile device. It gives you access to chat, phone, meeting scheduling, and file sharing, all in one place. It is also the application that will launch anytime you join or start a meeting.

Zoom Support Page - Introduction to Zoom Client Interface (opens in new tab)

To access the Zoom Client you will need to download and install it on your computer or mobile device or tablet.

How to Download and Install Zoom Desktop Client (opens in new tab)

How to Download and Install Zoom Mobile App (opens in new tab)

Once you have installed the Zoom Client follow instructions to Sign in to Zoom Client.

Access Zoom for Health

Zoom for Health is a version of the web-based video conferencing tool with enhanced security. Zoom for Health is approved by the UA HIPAA Privacy Program to facilitate health-related collaboration. Use of Zoom for Health is suitable for:

  • Healthcare
  • Health Education
  • Health Data Research

To use Zoom for Health, you must login via the Zoom for Health Portal (opens in new tab).

Meeting hosts go through Zoom for Health training before being able to schedule meetings in Zoom for Health.

For more information on Zoom for Health, visit the Zoom for Health (opens in new tab) website.

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